Get your art approved faster

iMeshup is a 2D and 3D collaboration tool for artists and game developers. Effortlessly store, organize, and review any assets—on any platform.


Who is iMeshup for?

Meshup is a collaboration tool that helps art and gaming teams quickly view, comment and approve your assets via Web

Big teams Big teams

iMeshup is great for companies with remote workers that span the globe.

Small teams Small teams

iMeshup is the perfect starting tool for small and medium-sized studios.

Messy teams Messy teams

iMeshup has tools that can help organize projects of any amount!

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Review your assets faster.

  • Comment system lets you comment directly on the model and review versions with ease
  • Invite team members and guests to give you feedback on your 3D projects instantly
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On-the-model commenting

All models come from Winions: Mana Champions" by Fuero Games

Easy versioning

Keep your team members up-to-date.

  • Versioning and approval system lets you collaborate faster
  • Stay organized with the drag-and-drop file system
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Hand off perfect files.

  • Inspection tool lets you explore, evaluate, and make adjustments to 3D models straight from your web browser
  • Touch-up your model in the editor before you present it
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Touch up your models