Features You Can Look Forward To on iMeshup

Sarah Kutz in News

Dec 12 • 3 min read


As you might’ve heard, iMeshup’s new version is now live! That doesn’t mean we’re done improving it, though. There are plenty of good ideas that are still in development. While we’re still in beta mode, we want to keep you in the loop on what lies ahead for iMeshup. Here are some fresh features you can look forward to:

Three complete plans

Hooray, you get to pay more! Just kidding. But seriously, once we get the kinks out of some of our features and payment options, there will be three different iMeshup subscription plans you can choose from. These plans will correspond to different team sizes and needs: besides just the basic Starter plan, there will be Premium, for small- to mid- size teams and the customizable Enterprize plan for bigger studios. For more details, see iMeshup’s pricing page.

Full-fledged inspection mode

We’ve got something ultra-helpful in the works for iMeshup users: an “inspection mode” that is accessible from our 3D viewer. It will let you view helpful stats like file size and polygon, vertex, and triss counts with ease. Along with that, there will be toggleable viewing options, including wireframe, reflection texture, bump map,  post-processing, and vertex normals. If you’re on our Premium plan, you get all that plus UV checking, scaling, and rendering options.

Software integration

There’s a lot of programs out there. We’re still getting to know what software our community is using, but we figured Slack would be a good place to start. Soon, there will be seamless integration with this popular professional messaging software, as well as the ability to export 3D files and textures to the game engines like Unity. Integration with modeling programs is on its way, too— yes, that means being able to export directly from Blender to iMeshup! 3ds Max, Maya, and Cinema 4D are also on the table.


A whole host of lighting options will be available in future versions of iMeshup, like adding point, sun, spot, and hemisphere lights and moving the light sources around within the scene. Backgrounds and presets will also be at your disposal—just imagine how good your models will look on a Mirrored Ground or in a Sky Box! Other post-production effects will include Ambient Oclusion, Outline, SSAO, Refraction, Blur, Contrast, Exposure, Saturation, Depth-of-Field, Grain, HDR, AA, Color Balance… the list goes on!

Something else (?)

The future of iMeshup is an open discussion! We’re a startup, not a big anonymous company—which means we will build our product according to your feedback. Once we know how our users plan, work, and communicate, we’ll surely have plenty more features to announce. So if you think of something—reach out! We’d love to hear from you.